Websites For Packaging Design Inspiration

Websites For Packaging Design Inspiration

If you’re looking for packaging design inspiration, you can’t go wrong with a website. UQAM, or the University of Quebec in Montreal, has a great website geared towards packaging design students. The posts on this site are mostly write-ups and high-quality images of various designs. The problem is, it’s not updated very frequently. So, you may want to check back on the website every now and then for new posts.


If you’re looking for packaging design inspiration, you’ve probably heard of createID. The site doesn’t define any universal formula for packaging design, but it is full of examples of creative designs and offers a lot of tutorials to boot. CreateID is similar to Core77, which focuses on product and industrial design. You can narrow down your search to a specific theme or style, and find tons of inspiring designs to add to your own portfolio.


A website that features beautiful projects and design solutions is the mind behind Mindsparkle. The website highlights art, architecture, product design, branding, photography, and sustainable solutions. It is also an active social media presence that promotes design projects and explores packaging. There are so many wonderful projects to see on Mindsparkle. This website is an excellent source of inspiration for any designer or creative team. You will be inspired by the stunning projects and design projects featured on this website.


If you’re looking for packaging design inspiration, there are several websites worth checking out. Ambalaj is a personal website created by packaging designer Kristina de Verdier, which curates excellent works from around the world. She describes these articles as “sustainable information, 3D printed algae packaging, and graphic design. These works are as unique as the products themselves.” There’s also a sister site called Behance, which assembles the world’s finest packaging designs in one place.


Before you start designing your package, you should have an idea of the dieline requirements. If you don’t have any ideas, try looking at your competitors’ packaging. This way, you can learn from their mistakes. In many cases, competitors use their packaging as design inspiration. A website that shows dieline examples can be useful in this regard. Here are a few tips to follow:

World Brand Design Society

The World Brand Design Society is an international organization that unites professionals from different fields to promote sustainable packaging solutions. It was founded in 2008 and has grown significantly since then, proving to be a valuable resource for packaging designers. The site offers thousands of works and allows you to narrow your search by material and artist profile. There are even reviews and a community of over 20,000 packaging design enthusiasts. World Brand Design Society focuses on meaningful content, which is particularly helpful for those seeking inspiration in packaging design.


If you’re looking for design inspiration for your packaging design, you’ve probably heard of Pinterest. Among its users are renowned designers, like Amber Asay of Nice People Design Studio. She has curated a collection of ideas and reference for her work on the social network. Others, like Richard Baird of LogoArchive, use the site to gather ideas for a new design. This list of packaging design inspiration sites will inspire your next big project.