Business Website Examples

Business Website Examples

Some of the most impressive business website examples include Ratio Coffee, a high-tech coffee machine company in Australia. Ratio uses a black, white, and grey color palette to emphasize precision and balance, and even incorporates high-definition videos into their website. While there are plenty of business website examples to choose from, you’ll find these three examples to be the best places to start. Here are some more examples.

Usability guidelines

When it comes to a business website, usability is everything. The web isn’t an art gallery and people appreciate simplicity. Keeping things simple and usable increases conversion rates. After all, business owners spend a lot of money developing, maintaining, and promoting their sites, so why not invest in making them more user-friendly? Following usability guidelines can make all the difference in the success of your site.

First, think like your customers. How would you like to browse your website? If …

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