Nine Web Design Trends Changing the Way the Internet Is Viewed in 2011

Nine Web Design Trends Changing the Way the Internet Is Viewed in 2011

Web design styles, preferences, and standards are changing constantly just as cars, homes, and electronics are changing with new designs and styles every year. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some trends we are seeing in 2011 that are changing the way we view the internet in the web design industry. Most trends have been around, but have changed in line with technology and industry standards and recommendations.

– Color Schemes – You will see more color schemes on the websites you view that are limited to 2-3 main colors being used. Bold colors may still be chosen, but you’ll find that by limiting the palette to 2-3 colors, the website will be more tasteful and can reinforce the intended message rather than stealing attention away from it.

– Picture Backgrounds – Instead of choosing a color scheme, many web designers are going the route of using a large photo as the background of their sites. Choosing the most relative photo to enhance the content of the site can be a smart decision as the site’s viewers will be drawn to the photograph and will assign some sort of emotion to it. However, caution must be exercised as always with attention given to browser load times with people who have slower internet connections.

– Interesting Domain Names – Websites such as Google, Twitter, Digg, and Yahoo! really laid the groundwork for the evolution of domain names. Websites today seem to be choosing short, misspelled, or bizarre names …

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New Website Trends – Stay in the Know

New Website Trends - Stay in the Know

Everyone is online these days. With open access software available for creating your own website, blog, or profile on a multitude of different platforms and applications, the age of digital awareness is starting to attract everyone from housewives to business executives. Having a place to call your own is essential today, especially for those in the business of commerce. A very large percentage of consumers now turn to retailers with online shopping and ordering capabilities first, before even considering the brick and mortar store. If you are interested in keeping your website attracting customers and as cutting edge as possible, it is important to stay in the know about new website trends.

It may seem like a vague term, but keep in mind that new website trends will be different depending on what your niche on the internet is. If you are in the business of dogs and cats and pet care products, what’s happening with your competition in terms of digital applications will be different than what’s happening with online stock trading website technology. Be aware of who your competition is, especially on the internet. Check the websites of your competitors often and see what new tricks and technology they’re using to impress your target audience.

Another thing that you should do in order to stay current on new website trends, is to ready the most respected industry magazines, e-zines, blogs and other news outlets on the web that deal specifically with trending in the internet business. If you …

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