Common Mistakes Revealed Regarding Website Design

Lots with the newest web-site designers believe all that’s necessary for making a website to have an online business, is to create pages with nice colors plus some images, after which upload them. They think once that’s done, they could sit back, as well as the website will automatically grow the organization and look after everything. What they’re not seeing, is that what matters most concerning the website will be the user’s experience when they’re there. If you don’t have a website that makes visitors feel safe, they won’t stay. It’s as easy as that, also it is irrelevant if your information may be the best on the globe, or if the products can beat all.

In the net design world, never limit the word ‘design’ to just color and images. A lot more key factors contribute to the success of any web site. When you neglect these, you’ll have a web site that fails. The factors you need to include are user-friendliness, proper categorizing, accessibility, easy navigation, and much more. All of these factors and more soon add up to the required steps for a website to achieve success. So if you’re making a website, these should always be considered. Always think about your users when designing your website. Think of the experience they’ve got whenever they visit you.

Here are some of the most frequent mistakes manufactured by newbie designers. Website owners make them too, from a lack of know-how about what they certainly. Some of them simply …

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Common Mistakes in Creating a Web Design

I am 100% sure that there isn’t a good single website that’s perfect since every webmaster has his vision of design in addition to their flaws, too. When designing a website, designers need to take into consideration the expectations of the visitors. They should be more concerned with just what the users want and never in doing what they want of a website.

You’ll find below the mistakes which are commonly committed by web designers:

The placing of links. When locating a link on your website, make certain it functions. You regularly need to check if the link you’ve got posted can still be accessed you aren’t.

The using flashy web designs. Flashy designs might seem very attractive to you, but to many visitors, it can be very annoying. The simpler your site is, the higher it’ll appear to be.

The utilization of HTML. There are still many web-site designers who use HTML in creating page layouts, but there is a better one today, that is CSS. CSS is feature-packed, which is considerably faster and reliable than HTML.

The use of bullets, headers, and sub-headers. You should help make your website as organized as you can. It is not enough that you simply post regular contents, however, it is also important that you simply make a plan of the contents by making use of bullets, headers along with sub-headers so that your readers or visitors can easily browse your web pages.

Organizing ads. When you’re creating wealth out of your …

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How to Determine the Amount of Bandwidth Requirement for My VPS?

How to Determine the Amount of Bandwidth Requirement for My VPS?

While choosing a web hosting plan, it is important to determine the amount of bandwidth that you would need for your website. Many hosting providers advertise unlimited bandwidth, but when you look closely, you find that there is always a catch to it. Hence, it is best to assess your bandwidth requirements before buying a VPS hosting plan. In this article, we will talk about how you can determine the amount of bandwidth required for your VPS Hosting Plan.

Bandwidth is the maximum amount of data that you can transfer within a specific time. Usually, many users confuse bandwidth with data transfer. Here’s the difference: ‘data transfer’ is the amount of data you can transfer in a month, whereas ‘bandwidth’ is how fast you can transfer it. Hence, higher bandwidth means better speed and connectivity for your website.

How to determine the bandwidth requirement for your VPS?

While some users prefer purchasing more bandwidth than is actually required, some others prefer to start small and scale up as the need arises. However, we recommend that you spend some time to determine your bandwidth requirement to get the right hosting service. Follow these steps to calculate:

  1. Find the average page size of your website
  2. Multiply it by the average number of visitors per month
  3. Multiply the result from the step above by the average number of pages viewed per visitor


The result will give you an idea about the current bandwidth needed by your site. …

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How Does Your Hosting Package Affect Your Site Rankings?

How Does Your Hosting Package Affect Your Site Rankings?

Having a website, the first and the most important thing you would look out for is the ranking of the website. There are a total of 1.94 billion active websites over the internet. Now, surpassing the count and reaching the top spot isn’t easy. Hence, it is crucial for you to keep in mind all of the factors that influence the ranking of your website on Google. These include relevant content, SEO optimization backlinking and your web hosting services provider.

Yes, you heard that right.

Of all the popular and the not-so-popular SEO ranking factors, the hosting package you choose also affects your online ranking. In order to ensure optimal Google ranking, your website needs to function smoothly and swiftly. The website that offers seamless navigation experience fewer page breaks and is more likely to have a rank greater than others. This is where the idea of website hosting services come into the picture.

It is your hosting package that determines the size of the website, the time taken to load a page and the targeted audience. Needless to state that these account for your website ranking.

If you are still not sure as to how can a website hosting service affects your online rankings, this is article will help you out. We have highlighted some of the factors that are directly related to Google SEO tricks.

The Effect of Your Hosting Package on SEO Ranking

  • Higher Uptime

This is one of the most important factors that lay an …

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