Web Developer Salary - How to Get a Good Living As a Web Developer

Web Developer Salary – How to Get a Good Living As a Web Developer

The pay for a web developer is highly variable and depends on many factors. These factors include the richness of the tech scene, demand for web developers, and competition for roles. Aside from the salary, other factors affecting the quality of life for a programmer are the cost of housing and bills. A six figure salary might not be enough to cover all the costs. A developer’s salary must reflect the real life expenses that will arise from such a high income.

PayScale’s analysis of web developer salary

According to PayScale’s analysis of web developers’ salaries, nearly half of all professionals enjoy a steady increase in client base every year. Additionally, one-third of web developers report seeing their client base grow by more than 50%. The growth in the web development field is dependent on the professional skill set, experience, and job location. To calculate the median pay, PayScale uses data from a voluntary survey of professionals.

When looking for a web developer job, a good place to start is a state with a high number of web development jobs. Washington, for example, has some of the highest web developer salaries in the country. Web developers in Washington earn an average of $133,790 per year. When deciding where to live, pay scales for web developers in different states are important. However, the cost of living in a certain state can make a difference in your final salary. The cost of living in New York City is more than twice as …

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5 Tips For Finding Great Packaging Design Blogs

5 Tips For Finding Great Packaging Design Blogs

If you’re interested in learning more about packaging design, there are several online resources that you can use. Whether you’re an expert in the field or simply interested in the latest trends and techniques, packaging design blogs can be an invaluable resource. Listed below are five tips for finding a great blog to guest post on. If you’d like to contribute to a design blog, contact the owner or webmaster. They’ll be happy to feature your work.

Creating an e-mail catalogue of virtually all packaging design blogs

If you’re looking for the latest in packaging design, you’ll want to subscribe to a blog dedicated to it. A blog like Lovely Package will feature good-looking images and a short description of the packaging. You’ll also want to follow Brand Experience, which features packaging samples, design news, and trends. These are the most popular blogs about packaging design in the world. You can subscribe to a handful of them and receive new posts straight to your inbox.

Another great packaging design blog is The Dieline, which aims to connect global packaging practitioners and drive the industry toward sustainable solutions. This blog also has amazing typography, and is constantly updating a collection of 426 case studies from 432 different designers in 51 countries. And if you’re looking for design inspiration, you should also subscribe to Print Magazines, which provides insight into packaging design and tips from renowned designers.

Finding a blog that is open to guest posting opportunities

If you’d like to guest …

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Custom websites benefits

There is no doubt custom-made websites, online stores, and more are the best. What better way to attract potential customers than with an interface made for them? You have to know the benefits of having a custom website, and in this article, we will explain them to you.


When you start thinking about having a website, you may have looked for Website development Miami services to know how to start. Many services are available for you to use, from eCommerce websites, website development and custom web development.


We will be talking about the benefits of a custom website and why you should go for a custom design. There are several reasons why you should opt for a custom website over the usual ones to shop online. Here are some of the most popular benefits you should know about.


You will cause a great impression.


A custom website is a great way to start to have a business, so using it will be the best way. Most people have no idea how easy it is to have a website, but when they see that you have one for your business, they will agree that it is a great way with which you will be able to promote your business.


With so many people online, having different websites users love is the best way to cause a great impression.


Get exactly the design you need


You can make your design for your custom website,

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Websites For Packaging Design Inspiration

Websites For Packaging Design Inspiration

If you’re looking for packaging design inspiration, you can’t go wrong with a website. UQAM, or the University of Quebec in Montreal, has a great website geared towards packaging design students. The posts on this site are mostly write-ups and high-quality images of various designs. The problem is, it’s not updated very frequently. So, you may want to check back on the website every now and then for new posts.


If you’re looking for packaging design inspiration, you’ve probably heard of createID. The site doesn’t define any universal formula for packaging design, but it is full of examples of creative designs and offers a lot of tutorials to boot. CreateID is similar to Core77, which focuses on product and industrial design. You can narrow down your search to a specific theme or style, and find tons of inspiring designs to add to your own portfolio.


A website that features beautiful projects and design solutions is the mind behind Mindsparkle. The website highlights art, architecture, product design, branding, photography, and sustainable solutions. It is also an active social media presence that promotes design projects and explores packaging. There are so many wonderful projects to see on Mindsparkle. This website is an excellent source of inspiration for any designer or creative team. You will be inspired by the stunning projects and design projects featured on this website.


If you’re looking for packaging design inspiration, there are several websites worth checking out. Ambalaj is a personal website created by packaging …

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What You Need To Know About Using Industrial Blenders for Powder Coating

What You Need To Know About Using Industrial Blenders for Powder Coating

Your two main options for coating larger particles with powders include ribbon blenders and fluidizers. To pick out the right one for your application, you need to know the strengths of each machine. Here are some of the reasons you should consider both of these blenders when looking for a machine to coat solids with powders. 

Ribbon Blenders

Ribbon blenders are the traditional option for coating solids with powders. These machines come with the traditional trough that is filled through a hole in one end. They tend to be incredibly convenient because they empty through a discharge chute. Additionally, they are large machines that can handle most industrial loads. While they are larger, they are also easier to clean because you can easily remove the ribbon and the parts wiped down. 


A fluidizer is a more versatile option because it can work with almost any type of material. For instance, it is so versatile that you can use it to mix metals, coat particles with powders, create custom formulations, and still create air-fluidized beds. This versatility means that you never have to wonder if your mix will work in the machine. 

This machine also makes it easy to fine-tune your mixes. That means you can work on your blend until you have reduced the amount of powder you use. Additionally, you can choose the precise machine that meets your needs. There are large machines for the biggest jobs and smaller machines for those who are doing individual batches. …

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