Questions To Ask A Potential Web Design Company

Now that you’ve decided that you’re going to hire someone to design your website for you, you’ve come to the part of the process where you have to decide on a company. With so many to choose from it is important that you weed out the ones that aren’t the best fit.

How much creative control will I have? Will the company you’re talking to listen to you if you tell them how you want the site to look, or do they insist on being entirely in control. Neither is better or worse, it’s simply a matter of what you prefer. If they prefer to be in control, will they do revisions for you in the event you aren’t happy with the finished product? And if so, how many, and are they free or do you have pay for them?

Can I see examples of your past work? Most good web design companies will be happy to show off their previous work. This can be a good way to judge the quality of what you may be getting.

Do you have references?  Good, established companies usually have many references from satisfied clients willing to share their experiences. You should talk to some references and see what their opinion of the whole process was.

What is the timeline for completion?  Obviously sometimes things can take longer than expected, but make sure to get a reasonable timeframe, and discuss what happens if it goes over.

Of course, these are just the beginning. As you learn more about the process you will come up with more questions you want answers to as well.