4 Web Design Mistakes that Can Affect Your Website’s Search Engine Optimization

4 Web Design Mistakes that Can Affect Your Website's Search Engine Optimization

When creating a website, it is important to consider search engine optimization (SEO). Without search engine optimization, your site will not attract new visitors or be found on search engines. In order to make sure that your website is easily found by people searching for your products or services, you should include relevant content and relevant keywords. These are popular search terms that relate to your business and are important to Google.

Avoiding Odd Hues and Tones

Choosing the wrong color scheme for your web design is not only a bad idea, it can even affect your website’s sales. The best approach is to choose colors that are representative of your website’s content through quality hosts like Knownhost. For instance, if you’re selling beauty products, you should avoid using dark colors. On the other hand, if your website offers services, you should select colors that are reflective of your company’s philosophy. This will help your visitors associate your website’s content with the services or products that it has to offer.

Making the CTA Clearly Visible

Making the CTA clearly visible in web design is crucial if you want users to take action. The reason is that the more time they spend on your website, the more likely they are to find valuable content and information. Therefore, it is imperative to make the CTA clearly visible and easy to find. One way to do this is to use contrasting color schemes. For example, you can use a blue CTA button on a yellow background. This contrast will draw the user’s attention.

Another way to make the CTA clearly visible is to place it in an easy-to-read place on the page. The best place is on the upper right corner of the page. Make sure the CTA is a contrasting color and larger than other text. You also want the CTA to be the first thing the user notices. You can use your design to make it stand out.

Optimizing Images for Website Speed

The size of your website images can have an impact on the loading speed of your website. When images are too large, they can take up too much space on your website, causing the pages to take too long to load. This delay will cause visitors to quickly abandon the site. This high bounce rate will also affect your search engine rankings. Thankfully, there are ways to optimize images for website speed.

The first step to optimizing images for website speed is to reduce the size of them. You should avoid using jumbo-sized images, as these are often difficult to optimize. The width of these images will be stretched on larger screens. Another good way to reduce the width of images is to use background images, which are fixed in size. They will also have consistent crops across devices.

Avoiding Placing Your CTA Button above the Fold

Whether or not you should place your CTA button above the fold is a decision that will depend on the type of offer you are selling. If your offer is simple, like an email autoresponder, you may want to keep it above the fold. A recent study by ContentVerve found that placing the CTA button above the fold increased conversion rates by 304%. If you are unsure of whether to place the CTA button above the fold or below, use split testing to find out which one is the best.

It is best to avoid placing your CTA button above the fold if your product is complicated or requires a lot of technical knowledge. The reason for this is that visitors will not purchase your product if they don’t understand it. A longer page will contain more explanatory copy that will encourage the visitor to click the CTA button.