MilesWeb: Performance Optimized & Secure WordPress Hosting

MilesWeb: Performance Optimized & Secure WordPress Hosting 1

Setting up a WordPress website that is blazing fast and secure is quite challenging. It takes a lot of efforts in building one such website.

Without spending much of your funds you can take the benefit of rapid website speed and latest security technologies. All thanks to MilesWeb which provides fully managed WordPress hosting service.

What is MilesWeb?

MilesWeb is a popular web hosting company based in India. Its servers are based on Amazon cloud platform which means all the websites hosted under MilesWeb will make use of AWS platform.

Besides WordPress, they also offer other web hosting service such as cheap shared hosting, VPS server, reseller hosting, business hosting in the cloud, dedicated server, cloud hosting etc.

MilesWeb gives you the best web hosting experience with excellent customer support and money back guarantee.

Let’s delve into some features offered by MilesWeb WordPress hosting.

State of the art technologies

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors you need to make sure you deliver the finest performing websites to your customers.

A slow website is non-impressive. Although it doesn’t directly affect the sales but it thus affects your brand reputation, user experience and SEO. On an average, your website should not take more than 2 seconds to load or else it may disappoint your users.

MilesWeb is optimized with below mentioned best performing and latest technologies to give you world class experience.

MilesWeb: Performance Optimized & Secure WordPress Hosting

Performance-based features

AWS- host your website on one of the best cloud hosting platforms. You get highly secure and reliable infrastructure and enhanced website performance. Also, your sites are more secure, as AWS has built multiple layers of security to safeguard from any illegitimate access.

SSD- MilesWeb has high-performing solid-state drives to store your websites which help in delivering 200% better performance.

GZIP/Brotli Compression- All the WordPress hosting plans comprises of gzip compression software to boost delivery time of your website. The speed of your WordPress is unbelievably improved as this compression technique scales down the amount of data sent to the visitor’s browser from your server.

CDN- You don’t need to pay any additional charges to your CDN provider for getting a CDN service. MilesWeb WordPress hosting is integrated with CDN service that helps to improve the performance of your sites for visitors all over the globe.

Cloudflare Railgun- To speed up the performance of non-cached pages Railgun technology makes sure that Cloudflare CDN and web hosting server connection is fast as desired.

Datacenter locations

The location of your data center matters for a number of reasons such as SEO, website performance, speed etc. The closer your datacenter location is, the more advantageous it will be. MilesWeb WordPress hosting plan provides multiple options for their data centers from US, UK and India. It is suggested that you choose the one where your target audience is based.

Secure and Developer friendly

Free SSL: A free SSL certificate is integrated with MilesWeb WordPress hosting plan to help keep your important data safe by encrypting all the data that is exchanged between you and your visitor’s browser. It uses let’s encrypt SSL certificate to keep your site data hack proof.

SFTP control: Instead of FTP, MilesWeb provided SFTP protocol to upload your files to the server. SFTP is a more secure version of old, insecure FTP. SFTP gives you the ability to manage file systems remotely by letting you restart incomplete file transfers, delete remote files, show a listing of directory content etc.

Daily backups: No more manual tasks of taking backups regularly. MilesWeb will take your daily backup every 24 hours which can be restored anytime you want. Their cloud backup software keeps an eye on all the changes of your website and lets your recover as needed.

Free migration: Get a relief knowing you don’t have to manually download and upload your website files from old host to MilesWeb. Your complete website data will be migrated from old server to MilesWeb server for free by their team of experts.

Managed WordPress hosting: All the server related tasks will be managed by MilesWeb team. You do not need to worry about the technical stuff, WordPress updates, daily backups server optimization, etc. as all of this will be done by them.

Jetpack: Jetpack is an all in one-plugin that includes everything you need to customize, marketing, painless design and security features for your WordPress site. MilesWeb plans are incorporated with Jetpack licensed features. The features of Jetpack with free, premium and professional are included with separate plans of MilesWeb.


MilesWeb has integrated all the modern technologies with their WordPress hosting plans and their highest priority is to provide you with top-notch support.

They have individual WordPress hosting plans for everyone- blogger, small business, growing business websites, e-commerce, personal/hobby website, corporate bloggers. Their plans are as low as Rs.69 per month.

If you are determined about the security and speed of your WordPress website then MilesWeb is for you.