How To Design Ebook Graphics For Your E-Book

Designing eBook graphics is one of the single most frustrating chores for eBook creators. Typically someone who writes an eBook has spent hours if not days, weeks, or even months creating a “masterpiece” and can’t wait to get it to market. This is where the frustration sets in. You may be a great writer but how do you express what you’ve written in visual form. How can you portray what you work contains with just an eBook cover? Well read on I’ll tell you how.

Fortunately there are thousands of artists and graphic designers available to you if you are willing to enlist their help. Of course, most people don’t work for free. Just as you would not work without compensation these people are trying to make a living also. The quality and cost of their work varies widely. It is that rare gem that creates amazing eBook design work for very little compensation. If you come across someone like that snatch them up immediately. Once they figure out their value their prices will go way up. Make sure you check out their portfolio and get references if possible. It is hard enough trying to outsource these days without having to spend money and time sifting through scammers and incompetents. Once you find a good partnership your efforts and stress will shrink significantly.

If you are just starting out and have little or no funds to finance your burgeoning business then you will probably want to try and create your eBook cover and eBook graphics yourself. It can be done. That is what this site is all about after all. This site is focused on the “newbie”; that person who just needs a little advice and a head start in developing their internet empire.

You can train yourself to make an eBook cover that you can use in your marketing efforts. But will it sell? That is the million dollar question. The psychology of sales, especially eBook sales is basic human nature. We are attracted to buy what we feel has value to us. The nicer the eBook graphics, the more value we associate with the contents. Our thought process goes like this: “If they spent this much time on the cover, the contents must be awesome!”

That is why you see bestsellers at the bookstore with the cover facing out, not the spine out. As the customer browses the store they are attracted to the most appealing cover. They pick it up, make a quick analysis of value and either buy or don’t. It’s just that simple. The same thing happens with ebooks. The potential customer takes one look at your eBook cover and decides if they want to read your sales copy. That is your bait!

Now you know the psychology behind book sales you need to know who your market is. What appeals to them? If you are selling a “how to make money” eBook then you might want to include eBook graphics that depict the trapping of financial success. If you are appealing to a weight loss market then appeal to the sexy, slim, stereotype that people strive to become. If it is fishing, you get the picture, the biggest fish you can find (or just use a little fish and some creative Photoshop editing). You see one size doesn’t fit all. Know your market.