A Beginner’s Guide to Dedicated Hosting

A Beginner's Guide to Dedicated Hosting

When you start experiencing that your website has become slower and had a degradation in performance with a massive increase in traffic to your website, it may be signalling that you have reached your hosting capacity. Also, if you are a new website owner looking to host a resource-intensive website like e-commerce or a news portal, then you may need a hosting that can tackle all your requirements. This is where Dedicated Hosting fits right into the frame.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

A Dedicated Hosting, as opposed to Shared Hosting, allocates the entire physical server to one client. The server can be used as per the needs of the clients. It can be managed and configured as per the website requirements. Complete root access is given to the client with the freedom to install any operating system or software. Also, the resources of the server such as bandwidth, RAM and CPU are allocated for one single client who has the option to host one or multiple websites.

Reasons for migrating to a Dedicated Server

Although the requirements of websites may vary and it should be the most important deciding factor while selecting the hosting for your website, we list down 3 important signals that may indicate the right time to switch to a Dedicated Server. 

  1.  Security vulnerability: If you find your website with security lapses such as frequent cyber threats, then it may be the right time to switch to a Dedicated Server.
  2. Frequent downtime: If your website is experiencing frequent downtime and you need a hosting with better stability, then Dedicated Hosting can be the saviour.
  3. Greater control: If you are tired of taking permission from your hosting provider for even a minute change you want to make to your server, then Dedicated Hosting can be a good decision.

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting.

  1. Security: The problem with shared servers is that you have to share the server with many websites making it more vulnerable to security breaches. With Dedicated Hosting, only your website is hosted on the server making it more secure as the complete access remains with you.
  2. Reliability: On a shared server, bandwidth is shared by multiple websites. Thus, the traffic inflow of one website may adversely impact your website performance. On the other hand, Dedicated Hosting is one of the most reliable hosting solutions available in the market. You do not have to share the bandwidth with anyone else which ensures an improved uptime score for your website.
  3. Root access: Dedicated Hosting comes in two variants, managed and unmanaged. However, the final decision and control remain with the client in both the options. With complete root access to the server, it can be tweaked to your advantage. You have the option to install the operating system of your choice as well as configure the server for updates and backups in auto manner.
  4. Improved Performance: With website speed and performance becoming important determining factors in the SEO algorithm, Dedicated Hosting can be the right choice in your quest to climb the SEO ladder. Dedicated Hosting provides improved website performance, consequently enhancing user experience. Additionally, if you opt for Dedicated Hosting with SSD Storage, then the performance and speed will improve manifold.


Although Dedicated Hosting comes with many advantages attached, it may not be a pocket-friendly solution for many. The affordability becomes a major hindrance in the path of accepting a Dedicated Server, especially for new website owners and small businesses. However, if you run an e-commerce website or have a website that requires you to have complete control and ownership over the resources, then Dedicated Hosting may be the best bet.