How to make Word Press Site Faster?

Are you troubled with the increasing word press loading time? Is this decreasing your word press traffic?

Whenever any person visits your word press site you have just a few minutes to showcase your work and impress them. We can understand how bad it feels when just because of slow loading, you lose any visitor and they fail to notice your work. No doubt, word press is an easy to use platform which allows you to publish, edit and modify your content easily via a single webpage. Most of the websites are creating word press page these days to gain more popularity. But often you tend to encounter this slow loading of content in word press. And it is a very well know fact that loading speed of a website play a major role in it’s overall ranking among the Google Search results and thus your word press ranking may lower down too. We are here with some great tips to boost your word press speed.

Host Matters

If you are currently using some shared hosting plans and you are having a well flourished word press website with growing traffic every day. Then just switch to some managed hosting providers which are specially designed for word press. This will surely help you increase your word press loading speed.

Choose your Framework carefully

You need to choose that perfect solid framework which is lean enough to load quickly. This will save those extra milliseconds while loading word press. Saving even a fraction of seconds matter because visitors are often highly impatient.

Manage Plug-ins

Try deleting that unnecessary plug-in which is hampering your word press performance or better use some plug-in profiler. Although these plug-ins facilitate better functioning of word press but too many of these leads to more and more code being loaded by the browser resulting in slower word press. After all, excess of anything is bad. Apart from this, use those Catching Plug-ins which help you in drastically improving your page loading time.

CDN- A must

A content delivery network put your files globally on the internet so that any visitor of your word press can access a nearest copy of it and thus it helps in saving that extra time required to load it. This platform is nowadays used by many big websites to boost word press speed. After all nobody prefers slow loading.

Be Updated

Always use the latest version of Word Press because it contains the most updated and improved features which help in faster loading of word press. Also, don’t just miss to download and install all the necessary updates related to word press. It is an affair of just few seconds that can fetch you huge traffic by boosting your word press speed.

Prioritize Content

Readers are here at your word press page for quality and not just quantity. So represent only necessary data on your homepage. Try to keep minimal but quality content. You can also achieve this by minimizing number of posts per page. This will surely make your homepage load quickly and thus your visitor is no where gone without witnessing your word press page.

Code your best

Just employee the best coders or do the best coding yourself in order to increase you word press loading speed. Employ those great coders who know how to merge those java scripts together to generate a more effective and less lengthy code. Such codes are quick to load and thus provide the visitor with a more satisfactory experience.


Optimize all your images before uploading them on to your word press page. Use some good quality app to generate those optimized images for you that help in decreasing their size and thus facilitate quick loading of your word press page. Also, optimize your Database, this will not use a big portion of your RAM and thus helps in quick loading of all the queries.

Lessen that PING

The time that it takes by the server to read the query and load the page is better referred to as PING. Using the best CDN this PING time can be easily reduced leading to decrease in the word press loading time and thus helps in saving those few seconds which your server otherwise require to process the request. In today’s highly competitive world saving those milliseconds is a big boon.

Just follow these great tips and say a good bye to those nasty old days. Your word press website will genuinely get a great speed with the help of above advice. You can thank us later.